ASK is the solution to your contract staffing needs. ASK assists you with headcount constraints by placing your temporary/contract staff on our payroll. It makes good financial sense to minimize headcount and employ temporary staffing or contract staffing according to the project and seasonal requirements.   You can customize your selection according to the number of staff, their qualifications and the duration of employment. This helps reduce workload among your permanent staff and gives you greater flexibility and accessibility to a wide pool of talent.

ASK is the employer that you can rely on and trust to manage your workforce. Our payroll team will ensure timely and accurate salary disbursements, compliance towards all statutory requirements and leave record, so that our partners can focus on their core business functions.

Hassle Free

By employing our services, you save yourself mountains of paperworks and will only need to attend to electronic invoices.


We take accuracy and timeliness seriously at ASK. Our payroll administration practice strict time adherence so that every employee under our payroll will receive their salary on time.

Cost Saving

All administrative expensive such as payroll, recruiting and advertising are eliminated, at the cost of one phone call to us.

Contract to Direct Hires

This is an excellent chance to test out if someone is suitable for the organization, and vice versa as well. This, in turn, prevents long term commitment turns into a short one.

Strategic Staffing

If you need additional workforce during peak seasons but requires only temporary placement, why not have us source for contract staffs on behalf of you? Call us now.

Key Positions

If your key personnel went on long leave due to sickness or pregnancy, why not find a temporary staff to keep the place running, until your key personnel come back? Call us now.