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Career advice for students

Purpose of universities is to build up great future leaders who can one day succeed in helping or building their own companies and those leaders are going to be you! The lecturers provide knowledges and skills to you to be ready and prepared for the real world. Especially during COVID-19, you need to pay more attention at online studies than in classes so that you can survive the harsh competition in job hunting with other thousands of students graduating at the same time. It is common to be worried and nervous when finding a job because you may be afraid of unemployment or rejections from interviews, thinking about you might end up hole yourself at home and earning zero income. That is why, second year and final year students need to step up their game, think about their career paths wisely, start focusing better so that in less than 1- or 2-years’ time, they can go into the working society fearlessly. We are here to give university students career advice to be prepared for the challenges of the “working world”.

Remember those internships that were offered to you during Diploma and Degree where they taught you hands on at the real work rather than assignments? Do not forget those knowledges you gained, those software techniques or paperwork filing can give you the basics for your first jobs so that you do not go in your first company empty handed, at least you have something on your head and list those down in your resume. Your manager might not have time to spoon-feed you all the time, show them what you can do.

Failures makes success! Many students including yourself would surely be nervous about making mistakes in work, it may affect your performance appraisals and how other colleagues think about you. But mistakes are common, we are only humans, and we cannot be perfectionist, even a staff with years of experiences would make mistakes as well. Thomas Edison did not invented electricity devices in a day or a trial. Making mistakes to accomplish a work is better than not doing it at all, look back at those mistakes and see how you can improve in the next task, do not be discouraged and always heed advice from your superiors.

Passion in a job is one of the most important factors in keeping yourself in a company. There are many people who work because of money, not because they like the job that they were doing. But at the end of every day, they feel down and unmotivated because they are doing it out of money and not for passion, its misery is eating them inside and almost 80% of people does that. You need to choose a job that you feel love in it, it does not matter if the salary may not be what you expected, as long as you are happy doing it and it allows you to be productive in your work. It is okay to work as a chef if you are an account graduate, you feel passionate cooking for people because you like seeing them eating your food instead of sitting in a chair doing calculation. There are many graduates who do not pursue in their study field and work in a different line if you have passion in that job.

We hope you are learning well during these tough times and may these advice open doors to successful future career paths.