Outsource Recruiting or Hiring In-House - Which One To Choose?

Hiring In-House or Outsource Recruiting: Which is right for you in Malaysia?

A lot of companies are having difficulties whether to approach a recruitment agency for their manpower. Recruitment firms are known for their fast and accurate recruiting methods and carried out by HR professionals, MNC or well-known companies normally utilise this service to reduce stress and save time. Most companies are hesitant due to the outsourcing charges and some might think that the quality of recruitment sourced is not as good as expected. We are here to tell you why you should go for job agencies or sources internally.

1. Time-Consuming

When small-scale companies are only looking for 1 or 2 positions, the majority of them would just use internal referral or job portals. But MNC would straight away approach job recruitment agencies due to mass recruitment, it required a lot of time to source so many candidates in a short period of time while they have to perform their own work at the same time. Recruitment agencies can do mass recruitment with no issues including resume screening, phone calls, interview coordination and preparing documents and payroll.

2. Candidates of Quality

If you have a database or tools that can keep track of candidates’ details and have time to do it, then finding qualified profiles is not much problem but recruitment firms can find qualified candidates because they know where to find it. Recruitment firms have a large pool of databases with thousands of profiles that are actively looking for a job, they know which candidates are still actively looking for a job. Recruiters can filter out weak candidates and identify top talents in no time. Best of all, there is a guarantee period included in engaging with a job agency, meaning that if the selected candidate joined the respective company but resign/MIA within the period, recruiters have to look for a replacement without any charges.

3. Make demands with no cost

Normally companies want candidates to do 2 or 3 tests before proceeding to the interview step, they also have particular rules and certain criteria for their ideal candidates, it may take a lot of time and communication between both sides but it is possible to do it without the help of a recruitment agency.

These demands can also be customized for recruitment firms as well. Recruiters can follow the same specific rules you set such as spelling tests, typing tests or video recording for their candidates to see their qualifications. Strict requirements such as a preference to certain industry background, age or even gender, recruitment agencies will follow it all through and deliver the correct candidate with no additional fee.

In the end, internal HR recruiters and recruitment agencies have the same objective in mind which is to obtain the best candidates. There are many benefits of going for a recruitment agency since time and workload are the major factors here. Companies do not have to make a payment if recruiters did not bring any selections into their client’s company. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.