Recruiter's Emotional Intelligence: The 5 Features

Recruiter's Emotional Intelligence: The 5 Features

According to Peter Salovey & John Mayer, both American psychologists, emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to monitor ourselves and other persons' emotions, and the ability to use their awareness to manage our behaviour and improve our relationship.

EI is very significant among recruiters as it is considered as a vital fundamental in recruitment. Recruiters are being pressured in getting a job filled whilst candidates having emotional distress encountering difficulties securing a job.

The recruiter should be vigilant in recognizing candidates' emotional state to enhance candidates' experiences and proselytize employee engagement. Recruiters should abide by the 5 features of EI such as:


Compassionate to your emotions and the relationship between candidates and your behaviour as your actions will impact others


Emotions are meant to convey mannerly. If the candidate speaks to you regarding any political and social values which are contrasting from your point of view and insist on expressing their opinion regarding it, redirect the conversation to another mutual relevant topic/s

Social Skills

Capability to be cognizant and adaptable throughout every social interaction which includes active listening, verbal and non-verbal communication and persuasion. Choose your words wisely and think before you speak


Ability to relate to candidates' feelings based on self-intuition. This can make a continuous impression which can convert into strong employee engagement


Self-driven by individuals' internal objectives and rewards. Have a strong genuine mindset and desire for self-improvement which is part of the motivation

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