Scoring an interview

Scoring an interview

Being able to land a job opportunity is the best feeling that a jobseeker can able to get when they heard that they have been offered that chance. During the current pandemic, that feeling can be felt three times the happiness and excitement as many employees are having a hard time searching for a job and companies are not recruiting much nowadays. However, many jobseekers were seen failing their interviews as they failed to prepare fully for it due to a few possible reasons.

Firstly, candidates did not even get ready for the simplest task of an interview which is researching the company that they have applied. All the candidates did was get dressed and went for the interview blindly, I have seen many candidates did not even know the company profile because they informed that they are just trying out their luck on the hundreds of companies they applied. This shows that they did not even cared about what company they are going to work for as long as they got a job to provide them a salary. Secondly, the candidates did not practice or an insufficient of practice of speaking their answers firmly and confidently. When they got into the interview, they felt nervous and tend to forget what they were supposed to say and answers given were shorter than what they first thought of in their heads. Lastly, first impressions are extremely important, candidates that did not dressed well and arrived even a few minutes late for an interview present a very bad first impressions to the interviewers which will affect the whole interview process.

So, what can be done to avoid all these and increase the chances of seizing a job opportunity? These are best ways to prepare for an interview:

  1. Analyse the job and company that you are attending the interviews, the more details you know, the more you can give and better explanations as well after you done a few researches.
  2. Practice as much as you can for a few hours or even days before an interview, speak in front of a mirror or ask your parents to act as your interviewer helps a lot. It improves your speaking level and increase your confidences when you attend the actual interview on that day.
  3. First impressions are important as you show the interviewers that you are fully prepared and it give a better image to them. You can even feel more confident when you walked into the room with that neat and tidy attire.

I hope that after you have read this information and followed the steps provided, the next job you interviewed will be yours. Steps are merely instructions, the effort you poured into the interview is entirely yours and yours alone.