Starting your work day better

Starting your work day better

Ever wonder why your daily working lifestyle is so full of stress and tiredness? Then there must be something that you are not doing right as there could be people around you that start off their day with a bright smile on their face as early as 7am, tired and unhappy is all you ever feel and you are not motivated to start working and making mistakes later on. There are many people who actually felt this as well, they feel like a machine that is forced to be switched on at 6am and get ready as usual to spend their whole day in work and go back home after that to repeat again for the rest of their life.

Starting of a new job, a person can be motivated and feel eager to go to work and learn more to increase their skills and knowledge, contributing to their company like they said they would during interviews. However, after a few days later you feel the unproductive and unmotivated mindset kicking in, you start making mistakes and everyone start blaming you for being inefficient, everyday you feel more pressure of going to work. This mindset needs to be changed as it is unhealthy to continue this routine forever in a workplace, a person needs feel the excitement and eagerness to start their workday off with full spirit and produce excellent results every day.

There are a few steps that people can start their workday off with a big smile and exciting mind, thrilled to say “good morning” to everyone and this can create a positive vibe around you to keep you going for the rest of the day.

  1. Have a proper breakfast helps a lot, it gives the energy you need to get fit mentally and physically to overcome any issues at work.
  2. A workout routine at home allows you to recharge your mind to full 100%, you feel more awake and capable of functioning well, a short 5 to 10 minutes yoga or cardio will fuel up your morning.
  3. A messy work table will distract you from your tasks, clean that up and place your items and documents neatly at a place that you feel comfortable handling it. Sticky notes need to be placed at eye levelled as you know when to complete urgent and important matters.
  4. Short breaks make a huge difference. Note that a human is not a machine, even machines need rest from time to time and you will be in the office at least 9 hours almost every day. Take a moment to think what your priorities are and which tasks must be urgently finished, important e-mails can be replied but not all at one time, do not feel pressured and stressed or mistakes will happen.

A workplace is like a second home to employees, a place where you start your day off to fulfil your work purposes and be motivated to do so every day. If you start your work off at a good pace, the rest of the day will be easier to manage.