student attending online class in their room

Staying Productive while Studying Online

With the current technology dominating our daily lifestyles, online studying can be easily conducted by universities for students to continue their routine schedule for class lessons. However, the problem with online studying is that since students are learning virtually, the lecturers are unable to physically keep an eye on them. Students may join virtual classes but might not be paying attention at all.

It requires a stronger willpower to listen and learn online when you do not have a physical class or lecturer by your side. It could affect the students’ working habit and behaviour in the future which most of them are worried about. It is a fierce and tough working world out there during this pandemic for fresh graduates, despite having recruitment agencies in Malaysia do their best to hire newly graduated students into companies so that they can avoid unemployment. Here are some tips for students to stay productive during online learning.

1. A strategic studying location

It is easy to learn in university classrooms because they are designed for that purpose. However, students who are studying on their beds lying down may suddenly fall asleep. Please prepare a work desk in your room where you can sit properly and face your virtual class without distractions. Avoid a space where your family keeps passing by which could be distracting you from learning effectively.

2. A timer for a fixed routine

During university times, you and your friends are able to do your work and have a virtual meeting for assignments on time because you have a fixed study schedule. At home, when you are supposed to be studying for 3 hours like you always do in university, you somehow end up playing games and a group discussion never happens because everyone either forgot about it or is too carefree. Set a timer to follow your schedule right. Catch up on plans that you are supposed to follow through. Stick to studying at 3pm and 5pm group discussions if that is how your schedule is. Really mean it! Learn to make a commitment to what is important and make yourself productive all the time, or else you will be doing work last minute. Keeping up with a schedule is a quality that all job recruitment agency looks for hence it will be a valuable habit to have in the future.

3. A distraction-free environment

In classes, lecturers will always have an eye on you when you are on your phone scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. But when you are all by yourself at home, the tendency to be on these apps are high and you might miss the entire class without realising. Turn off phone notifications like you always do in classes and put that notebook to good use. If you are using your online notes for references, avoid opening other websites that are not for studying purposes. Learning to control yourself could be the hardest step for everyone and not only for students.

4. Habits change easily

When you think of going to university tomorrow, you always go to bed on time because you need to wake up at 6am and reach class before 8am. However, it is different when all students need to do is switch on their virtual classes with just a few clicks. Students tend to sleep late and wake up 3 minutes before classes starts because there is no need for physical appearances. To avoid these, you need to have good control over your sleeping routine and get at least 7 hours of sleep at night. Stop using your phones 30 minutes before bedtime. You can wake up early, prepare yourself and dress normally to attend a virtual class as wearing pyjamas can make you feel lazy and sleepy.

As students, it is important for you to be prepared for the future. Learn more about creating a resume as fresh graduates, career tips, as well as other job-related advice with ASK Resources.