Strategies to Recruit for Different Generations of Workers

Strategies to Recruit for Different Generations of Workers

In 2022, there are mainly 4 generations that are being employed in the workforce and each of them have their traits and objectives in leading the company to a better direction.

Employers should know which generation of people they can be able to bring in that can match their workflow as each generation has their own perception of working in a company, they can make or break the company with their own working ways.

After that, employers can apply the right methods to recruit the fitting candidates into the company because it is impossible to only hire one generation for business, it will not be practical and efficient.

Here are what each generations of candidates will look for and how to attract them into the company.

Baby Boomers

This generation is the oldest in the market and can be ranged around 60 to 70 years old, employers need to approach them with great awareness as they are the most experienced and hardworking of all.

These people will mostly care most on flexibility and benefits area, they do not want to work the standard hours and travel much, only longing for flexible schedule and work remotely.

Healthcare benefits are most essential to them too as they reach an older age.

A good way to hire them is to go the old fashion way such as printouts, radio or television ads but also go for technology too because more of them are active in social media.

Also get straight to the point of what they going to do daily and how they are a good match.

Generation X

These people are mostly our seniors or the pillars in the business, they have gone through the rough times and now leading their subordinates.

They will care most on a work life balance culture that do not have much overtime or work in weekends as they want to take care of their family.

They hope to go for a company that can lead more young ones, able to be share their experiences and make the business grow.

Methods such as standard working hours will be very attractive and a senior mentor role can be able to share their skills and experiences.


Millennials are in the blooming stage where they have some years of experiences and constantly being competitive in outgrowing themselves to become the future leaders, love to be work in a team and will always seek to outdo themselves.

They feel the hunger for career growth and flexibility that allows them to do overtime that burn the crap out of their midnight oil which they love.

Technology is a great way for these individuals as they start to get addicted with their phones, employers can be able to reach them mostly on job portals and LinkedIn.

Attractive benefits such as student loan coverage can be able to help them to pay off their school bills.

Generation Z

The coming wave of workers who have just joined the competition and ready to compete in the market, they are roaring to make themselves known and no one knows tech better than them, plus they will always be first on any latest HR trending news and culture.

To get their attention is simple, they have been using smartphones longer than any other generations and always searching for jobs on social media channels.

Make sure that the company values are strong and these people want to bring an impact to first company they joined, able to learn as much as they can to grow and feel that they are part of the family.

The hunt for the right candidate of different generations would not be easy.

Employers have to seize their opportunity and provide the right recruiting strategy to avoid any potentials get blown away.