Important Things To Include In Your Cover Letter - Ask Resources

Important Things To Include In Your Cover Letter - Ask Resources

Most people do not even bother about creating a cover letter during their hunt for a job career because, in their minds, a resume is sufficient enough to land them that job opportunity that they need. But it is not always true, recruitment agencies in Malaysia will notice a cover letter first instead of the resume because it indicates important details that a resume cannot, it reflects the summary of one’s skills, achievements, experiences, motives of your current employment transition to the one applied.

It can be a sign of respect to introducing yourself first, stating all your strengths and goals so that the employers or even Malaysia recruitment firms can understand. However, do not repeat the contexts that are already in the resume, it will be a waste of time and effort for both sides. So, we are here to assist you to put in the right details and score a high point for your first impression before attending an interview.

Step one: Basic heading information

Crucial headings that applicants do not want to miss adding in are full name, phone number, email address, LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is an important platform for employers to take a peek at candidates’ professional backgrounds, think of it as Facebook and always update it, recruitment firms in Malaysia will always search for more details through LinkedIn. Job title and house address can be included so that employers can notice it straight away and also know that your location is appropriate for travelling.

Step two: Greetings

Be respectful and professional as you are speaking to the employer who will potentially hire you in or could be someone who has a high seniority position. In business greetings, you should address the employers as “Hiring Manager” or if you can address them by their surnames like Mr Tan or Miss Wong.

Step three: Body section

The best way to do this is to look between your work experiences and the job advertisement. You put down your work experiences and skills inside the paragraphs and relate them to the job descriptions, showing the employers that you are the right fit for the role as you can perform and complete the tasks requested. Noting down keywords related to the job applied can be very helpful as many recruitment firms use tracking systems for their applicants with ease. If you applied for an HR role, keywords such as payroll, recruitment, hiring, coordinating interview and compensation.

Step four: Ending

The ending must be a conclusion of what you have mentioned and summarise that you are the perfect person for the job. You thank the person for going through your cover letter with sincerity for their time reading and hoping to hear from them again for your feedback or updates in your application. Lastly, a signature to wrap it up and done.

With these steps given, we hope that you can be able to create an impressive cover letter and get the hiring managers to notice you right away. For more career advice, feel free to get in touch with us.